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Back to School images dancing through your head, moms? Make the first day memorable with these creative, crafty ideas. Whether you're a go all out back to school party planning mom or lazy, last minute scrounger, you'll find inspiration for starting the year off right.  Back to School Images First Day of School Kids @forkidsandmoms I'm not sure how it happened but the summer is over. What the hell happened to summer? Maybe it's the scorching heat wave that set records and kept us inside more days than out, but I feel like summer went by waaaaay too fast this year.  Back to school shopping is done, we've managed to find the 173 items on our school supplies list. I'm pretty sure our multi-store hunt for the perfect backpack and trendy, peer approving apparel rivaled that of searching for rare Pokemon.  So here we are ready to start a brand new year and I'm feeling the panic to make sure I get a cute, Instagram worthy pic of their first day back to school. Thankfully the internet has no shortage of moms who are crafty at coming up with cute ways to mark every milestone.  Back to School Images First Day of School Kids @forkidsandmoms Let's start with ideas for the Overachiever Moms.  If you're a balls to the wall, Type-A who prides herself on picking out perfectly coordinated outfits and putting together magical bento boxes full of homemade, organic, gmo gluten and nut free meals, then:
  1. Find cute monogrammed outfits and backpacks online and purchase 6 weeks in advance.
  2.  Avoid all sun exposure that might cause your child to look overly red or rashy in photos for at least one month prior to school start. 
  3. Order custom made chalkboard from Etsy listing your child's new school year, height, weight, personal likes and dislikes in food choices, favorite STEAM based subject and number of books you have read to him since birth.  
  4. Hire landscaper to plant tree with ideal amount of foliage in colors that will match your vision for photo background. 
  5. Hire photographer to take "natural" looking photos with perfect lighting and slightly out-of-focus bokeh effect. Check weather and set date to pre-shoot mock first day of school photo just in case of clouds or rain.
  6. Threaten children with removal of all electronics if they do not cooperate with blissful, believable smiles and laughter. 
  7. Kiss them goodbye and send them on their way. Two hours late, but hey it was worth the 76 retakes to get the money shot! Amma right? 
  8. Go back inside, sit down and take in all the sweet silence. Post that perfect first day pic and pat yourself on the back. You did it. You are a badass mom! Now open a bottle of wine and pour yourself a big glass to toast 180 days of freedom.
Back to School Images First Day of School Kids @forkidsandmoms And for all you other moms out there, here's a list of ideas and printables to mark as a maybe for this year..... or next! 
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