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Last minute Father’s Day gift guide

Father’s Day creeps up on me every year! I mark it on my calendar, I know it’s coming sometime in June and still I end up scrambling for something to buy my dad and my husband, which means most of the time they both end up with a gift card to the hardware shop and a cheesy #1 DAD coffee mug. 

Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts Dad will Love

This time of year is busy for moms, like Christmas busy! With assembling Pinterest perfect end-of-year teacher appreciation gifts and trying to get the kids ready for summer camps and activities, not to mention trying to plan another freaking family vacation…. it’s a lot! So if you are like me, give yourself a break on the forgetful mom guilt and stop the panic over finding a Father’s Day gift. Check out this list,  then head straight to Target or the mall and grab up one of these gifts Dad will love. Better yet Amazon Prime it!  He’ll have no idea you haven’t been hiding his oh so thoughtful gift for weeks and you can get back to searching Pinterest for kid-friendly all-inclusive resorts with drop-off day camps and cocktails on the beach. 

Happy Father’s Day! 

  1. A Tablet of iPad. Trust me, your dad might swear he isn’t into all this new technology. Until you give him his first touchscreen tablet. Next thing you know he’ll be hiding out in the bathroom playing solitaire for hours. 
  2. Streaming Device. Same as above. It’s one of those things less tech savvy people don’t get until you introduce it to them and then they won’t stop calling you to ask you how to work the damn thing. But there’s a bonus to giving your pops a streaming device. Come Christmas you won’t be stuck watching a Christmas Story for the bajillionth time because theres nothing else on tv. 
  3. Golf Balls. Fathers, husbands, any guy who plays golf will appreciate a good set of balls. It’s something they lose often and can never have enough of. A good set of balls is a good thing for any guy. 
  4. Sunglasses. The good ones, like these Maui Jims. Men don’t fuss over much when it comes to accessories but good sunglasses and a great watch are important. Invest in a pair he will appreciate.
  5. Wireless headphones. These are a cool gift for any man, any age.
  6. Grill Mats. Grill sets are lame and you’ve likely given your father or your husband one already. Grill mats are awesome and something every grill master should own.
  7. Beef jerky. Because it’s the manliest of snack foods of course.
  8. Waterproof Phone Case. Summer is upon us and there’s a good chance he’ll be near a pool, lake, beach, some body of water. And quite possibly drinking a few beers… 

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