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7 Things New Moms Need to Know I’m a bit of a nerd. I like school. I love to read. I get a high from researching new things. So when I got pregnant with my first baby, reading all of the books, blogs, and gear review was fun for me. I thought that it was equipping me and making me feel more empowered. But truth be told, the overwhelming amount of information out there only quieted the oh-so-important mommy voice that we are all gifted with. Now that I am pregnant with my second child, I find myself whispering pieces of wisdom into my own ear that I wish I would have known… or listened to as a first time mom. 7 Things New Moms Need to Know Advice for Mothers on Newborns

7 Things New Moms Need to Know

  1. The only thing a newborn needs is diapers, some warm clothes, a boob or formula, and a car seat. Seriously. That’s it. I spent hours researching the best strollers, all of the different gear, reviews on cribs, organic clothing, to paci or not to paci… and on. I really enjoyed only a handful of other products. And then there were those that were just not necessary, that I could have fashioned with something else, or that she simply didn’t like. Who needs 4 styles of nursing cover-ups when we all know the kid won’t tolerate being covered anyway? Which leads me to my next point.
  2. Babies really do have their own opinions. I didn’t believe it. They were babies. They had no idea what anything was, they could learn to like this kind of swing or this style of bottle. HA! Babies have opinions and if your kids are anything like mine… they have BIG opinions. So slow down. Don’t be afraid to hold off on certain purchases to see how your little one does. What worked for some babies (even your own babies) might not work for the next one.
  3. Plans change and it’s ok. Before getting pregnant, co-sleeping sounded like a dream. Then when I got pregnant (and started to learn what not sleeping well was like), I quickly remembered that I liked my space. I would probably get a better night’s sleep if I wasn’t sleeping with the baby. But guess what… that whole #2 thing (see above) kicked in and my little darling didn’t want to be put down EVER. So, she slept on my chest or in my nook for 3 months. It wasn’t what I thought we would do, but plans change and it’s ok.
  4. While we’re on the sleep topic. They will eventually sleep, and walk, and go to the bathroom on their own. I’m a good sleeper and according to my mom, I was like that since 2 weeks old (you’re welcome, mom). I have a good bedtime routine and all of the general rules for creating a good sleeper were natural for me. The problem was they weren’t natural for her. So we spent 10 months trying to figure out what could possibly be keeping my little one up. I was sleep deprived and desperate and consulted everyone and everything that I could think of. None of it worked. I wish just one person would have told me-- that some babies walk sooner than others, some babies talk sooner than others, and some babies sleep sooner than others. And none of it is your fault.
  5. Never judge another parent. Ever. Because all of the things that you used to judge, you just might find yourself doing. Too much screen time, fast food, a baby leash.... Yup. That’ll be you. So, just don’t do it. You may not believe me now, but mark my words, the thing you swore you wouldn’t do, you will soon find yourself doing. Practice these words now-- We are all doing the best we can!
  6. Nesting is for suckers. I spent hours and hours and hours planning and decorating the nursery, scrubbing walls and baseboards, re-arranging every room in the house, painting top to bottom (thanks hubby), and even buying new furniture. FOR WHAT?? For the little mongrel to come and destroy it all. Freshen up, sure. Renovate. NO! Save any bigger projects for after they go to college.
  7. Just breathe it in. The days are long but the months are short. Pretty soon your baby won’t be a baby anymore. The smell, the sweet coos, the lack of sass… it will all pass. So in the midst of the craze, don’t forget to stop and smell your babe.
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