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I have lived in Washington DC or in the immediately surrounding area for almost 20 years. There is so much to explore in this area! From numerous National and State Parks to museums, from the Zoo to National Monuments, from private gardens to historic cities. So much to do and see!

We dedicated this week to exploring our own hometown area! Along the way we collected stamps and stickers for our National Passport books and completed requirements for the Girl Scout’s Nation’s Capital: Discover the Nation’s Capital Patch Program!

With a map and a plan we headed out for our DC adventure. Our first stop was purely based on where we were able to find parking. We found free parking near The U.S. Capitol … whoop! So our adventure began!

We decided to explore the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center. The girls noticed that there were more statues of men than women. We found our favorite statues of women!

The girls learned that the U.S. Capitol is home to the Senate and the House of Representatives, the roles of the Senate and House, and who they represent. They also found the Spring Grotto near the Capitol!

The girls wanted to visit every fountain along our way, so here we are at the gorgeous The Court of Neptune Fountain outside the Library of Congress!

We did not go inside the Library of Congress on this trip, but their eyes widened when I told them there were 147 million items inside, including books, sheet music and maps!

Next, U.S. Botanic Gardens! We explored beautiful outdoor gardens and tries really hard not to fall in the indoor fountain!

The Botanic Gardens have a gorgeous and beautiful Children’s Garden! On previous trips there were flowers for the children to plant in garden. Now the Children’s Garden has a climbing structure and these tall misters. They could have stayed all day running through the misters!

Our final stop for the day: National Museum of the American Indian Museum! The children’s area was not open during our visit, but the girls still enjoyed learning more about the life, languages, history, and arts of Native Americans. In the museum’s Potomac Atrium there is a prism/solar installation. As if I ordered this just for them…a rainbow of light!

The museum houses an expansive and impressive collection of Native objects, including this canoe!

Now time for an ice-cold treat and to go home! We can’t wait for DC Adventure Day 2!

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