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Happy babies turn into happy adults. So how can you create an environment that supports your babies happiness and allows him to thrive? Here’s what the experts recommend:

Happy Babies

As a mother of a 13 month old, I remember how hard the newborn stage was.  It felt like it was impossible to make my child happy.  Between the screaming and crying and gas, it felt like I rarely saw my daughter smile. 

A stress-free environment really helps a baby calm down and be soothed.  If you have a fussy baby, sit down in a rocking chair and gently rock and shush them.  This really helps and you can guarantee that they’ll settle down and become less upset almost instantly.  Babies need a gentle touch to make them feel safe and secure.  Make sure you cuddle and hold your newborn or baby as much as possible to make them feel loved.

Little ones cry a lot in the first few weeks and months of life.  They cry when they’re hungry, tired, gassy, or just need a diaper change.  It’s essential and important to make sure that you meet their needs to ensure a happier baby and happier mommy.  Meeting a baby’s needs as soon as possible helps them to feel reassured and build their self-confidence.

Did you know that babies have only 25% of their brain developed at birth? A baby’s brain develops rapidly based on how they are treated and taken care of.  If you take poor care of your child and don’t meet their emotional needs or give them minimal attention, their foundation for life can be at jeopardy. The brain will build less-than-optimal systems which can be lowered by poor care.  If this happens, you’re setting up your child to lead a life of poor mental or physical capabilities. 

A happy family is really what you need to help a child thrive.  Make sure your child grows up in a stress-free environment and has as much positive and supportive family members as possible.  Remember, a happy family makes a happy baby.

Happy Babies Need (printable guide)

Happy Babies Guide - How to Raise a Happy Baby, expert advice on what affects a baby's happiness


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