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It’s Monday! We have a new game to review: Ring-A-Ding-Ding from Amigo! Not only does Kate love saying the name of this game and thinks her daddy’s mistakes (I.e. “ring-a-ling”) are hilarious … she LOVES this game!

It is a simple game that is packed with a lot of fun! Basically you 1. flip over a card picturing a hand with stretchy bands on fingers, 2. race to grab the correctly colored bands from the pile and stretch them on the correct fingers, and 3. Ring the bell to win that round. Note of warning: your bands must be 100% accurate to win the round! Player who wins five rounds first is the winner!

Can you see my mistake?

I rang the bell with a winner’s smile, but Kate quickly informed me that I had the bands all mixed up.

Everyone plays at once, so those kiddos who are a little impatient when waiting for their turn can turn that frown upside down: No Waiting For Your Turn!

I love the cognitive skills this game supports: visual perception skills and fine motor skills. Visual perception skills involve visual skills that are needed to evaluate, interpret, and understand what is seen. Players must visually evaluate, interpret, and understand the card. Players then must use their fine motor skills to select specific stretchy bands from a pile and loop them on 1-3 fingers. Then visual perception skills are needed again as a player works to place the bands on the correct fingers and in the correct order.

Guess who else loves this game: Petunia the Beast!

Crazy cat! Kate was not too happy with the delay in the game. ?

Some final thoughts about Amigo games that I appreciate:

Amigo games have 5 or fewer rules (so easy for a tired momma to understand and remember), they uphold European Quality in their product (you can totally tell! The playing cards are excellent quality and not likely to rip and the bell is sturdy), and they guarantee fun for kids and parents. Winner winner!

Happy Gaming!

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