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Top Boy Names- List of 50 Popular Names for Boys

Part of the joy of parenting is getting to choose important parts of your child’s life, and one of the biggest and most exciting is deciding what name to give your new baby. There are tons and tons of books filled with top boy names, top girl names, top baby names of all time, top baby names currently, unique baby names, you name it! When we were deciding what to name our son we were lucky enough to have a similar idea in mind. My husband and I tossed a few names around and instantly we were drawn to the name Brady. It just felt right. If we had had a girl, sheesh! That’s one list we were nowhere close on.

Here are some top boy names to consider:

List of Top Boy Names for naming baby boys

Top Boy Names List 50 Popular Names for Baby Boy

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Parents, share your favorite names for boys with us. What names did you consider for your baby boy?

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