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Calico Critters sent us a surprise package! Y’all know we are in love with Calico Critters. I love the richly detailed animal figures. Kate loves all the unique accessories and specially-designed environments. We both love the pretend worlds we create and enjoy together.

For Easter Calico Critters is introducing a new collection: the Nursery. Omg! Seriously, the cuteness is almost too much! There is a Baby Band Series where there is a Baby Band Critter paired with a petite instrument. There is the Baby Shopping Series where a Baby Shopping Critter is paired with a grocery or shopping accessory. Want to know the best part? Blind Bags! Blind Bags, people! I know your little one, just like mine, loves the element of surprise. Baby Shopping Critters and Baby Shopping Critters come in Blind Bags! A surprise in each bag! You won’t know which Critter is inside until you open the bag. Could it be Hopscotch Rabbit Baby with Bread or Polar Bear Baby with Ice Cream? For the Band Series, could it be Daisy Maple Cat with a Trumpet or Jason Cuddle Bear with cymbals?

Our Calico Critters blind bags delightfully surprised is with Tuxedo Cat Baby with a shopping cart from the Shopping Series and Milo Toy Poodle with an accordion from the Band Series. You must see the detail!

Calico Critters also sent us the new Nursery Friends Set! Children can now get a few of their favorite Baby Critters ready for nursery school. The Nursery Friends Set includes three Baby Critters with their school uniforms, along with some accessories for the day. Grace Hopscotch Rabbit wears a cute red hat. Luke Hazelnut Chipmunk brings a water bottle. Bonnie Persian Cat wears her cute pink backpack. All three Baby Critters are sure to prompt school based play that is familiar to our own school aged children! Another thoughtfully designed series that children can not only enjoy, but relate to!

Icing on the cake…Calico Critters sent us the Baby Ferris Wheel! Have you ever seen something so cute? The Ferris Wheel is easy to assemble, just a few pieces to snap together. Baby Critters can board the Ferris Wheel and sit on a wide bench. Please keep all arms and legs inside! With a simple twist of the flower knob on the back, the Ferris Wheel spins. Kate quickly had all the Babies lines up to take their turn for a spin!

Need to know more? Here you go! Blind Bags for the Baby Shopping Series are $4.95 each. Blind Bags for the Baby Band Series are $4.99 each. The Nursery Friends Set retails for $12.95. The Ferris Wheel retails for $17.95. All are available now! All are perfect for a delightfully cute Easter surprise!

Hoppy Easter!

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