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So are y’all as addicted to home renovation shows as I am?! I love them all! At the gym, I will jog for the entire hour just to see that final walk through. At home, we don’t often watch television, but on occasion it’s nice to have some background noise. We typically turn on a home renovation show or a cooking show. Now Kate is hooked! After watching a couple shows, she has wonderful crazy ideas about the bunk bed she has envisioned for her room. She has even drawn a design! Help! No, seriously! Any one out there that can help us build a bunk bed with a desk underneath, slide to from top bunk, with an extra sleeping space for her future pet unicorn… call me!

Calico Critters has released new furniture and accessories that are inspiring mini home renovations! Best part: the new Village furniture and accessories sets include special “working” pieces that bring a little extra magic to our play.

First is the amazing Kitchen Island ($12.95). We have renovated our cafe to include this as a counter. We are whipping up tasty baked goods such as fresh donuts and waffles for our village friends! The Kitchen Island includes kitchen furniture and real working appliances: a spinning mixer, changeable donut and waffle maker and a scale that moves up and down to weigh ingredients. My daughter loves the changeable donut and waffle maker~perhaps because the pieces are interchangeable or just because donuts and waffles are two of her most favorite foods! The mixer ‘spins’ by turning the knob on top. Voila! Magic!

Baking in our newly renovated cafe just became easier with the Microwave Cabinet ($11.95). Again, little working details bring a layer of magic. The microwave turns red when hot. Now, even the tiniest critters can help bake delicious pastries for our cafe!

Next up, new appliances! The Breakfast Playset ($12.95) includes everything you need to prepare a delicious breakfast for all the critters. On the menu: rabbit shaped waffles, toast, smoothies, eggs, and fresh fruit. Yummy! The little toaster is my daughter’s favorite piece from this set. You place two pieces of bread in, lower the handle and gently slide it to the right, when your toast is done, gently slide the handle to the left and POP…the toast pops up! We have made quite a bit of toast for critters in the Village!

After preparing breakfast, it’s time to tidy up and make preparations for lunch! Well, there is now a Laundry & Vacuum Cleaner just for that purpose ($11.95). Kate built her cafe next door to her critter’s Cozy Cottage. As she said, that way “they can get home quickly from work!” Hmmm, do you think she has experience with Washington, DC traffic?! With the help of the washing machine and vacuum, Cafe Critters can keep the cafe and their homes nice and tidy. The vacuum has a removable insert transforming into a small handheld duster buster! The vacuum begins ‘working’ once the door is closed (water appears). Besides the little toaster, the washing machine is her favorite appliance!

Please note that Dad is vacuuming!

Last, but not least, is the Bed & Comforter Set ($11.95). After a fun-filled day in the Village at the fair (see the Ferris Wheel!) or after working in the Cafe, it is time to relax! Not only did we renovate our Cafe kitchen, but we updated the master bedroom by placing a new bed, matching blanket with pillow, and…a form-fitting mattress! Seriously, these Critters are spoiled!

We are so happy we decided to renovate! Next episode of Love It or List It may include the Mommy Edition. I want some new appliances, please!

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