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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag, a Checklist for New Moms

You’re close to the end of your pregnancy! Can you believe it?  You’ve got the nursery painted, the crib built and the baby clothes washed and folded. (Doesn’t it smell perfect in that room?)


The playpen and swing are put together and the car seat is properly secured. (You never thought you’d read a manual that many times, right?)
The bottles are cleaned, the pacifiers are sanitized and the diapers are stacked. (You can’t wait to bring that little one home and start using it all!)

The only thing left to do (the thing that seems pretty easy, but also quite daunting) is packing your hospital bag.
What do you really need? When should you have it ready?

We’ve got you covered.
Here’s our hospital bag checklist for baby to get you packing with confidence.

What to Pack In Your Hospital Back for Baby Expecting Moms Checklist  

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Baby’s Arrival

We suggest around the 34-week mark to have this bag ready to go.

  • Waiting For Baby
    This could take awhile, so relaxation and staying calm and comfortable is key. Bring the pieces of home that make you feel safe and secure:

    • Music you love
    • Books or magazines to read, maybe some baby-related ones
    • Your journal to chronicle your experience
    • A mini DVD player to watch some movies
    • Your favorite pillow
  • For You
    You just had a baby! You are one amazing woman. Recovery isn’t easy. You will be in the hospital for a few days after the baby arrives and if you’ve had a C-section, your stay could be as long as 3-5 days. Make sure your bag includes:

    • Comfortable clothes and your coming home outfit
    • A robe or cardigan for those chilly nights
    • Socks or slippers, easier to get on than shoes
    • Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, deodorant, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts with case and solution, glasses, make-up, brush, hair ties, hairspray and any of your other beauty essentials
    • Candy or salty snacks
    • Nursing bras, nursing pads, nursing cover
    • Insurance card, ID and other hospital forms
  • For Your Support System
    For dad, your partner, grandma, best friend. Whoever will be spending this precious time with you, we suggest:

    • Money for cafeteria food and parking
    • Change for the vending machines
    • Cell phones and chargers (including yours) so they can update everyone
    • Cameras and chargers
    • Extra clothes
    • Books or magazines since they will be waiting right along with you
  • For Your Baby
    The little one has arrived. Life is forever changed:

    • A coming home outfit
    • Bibs and booties
    • Seasonal needs such as hats and blankets
    • Car Seat and car seat cover (if needed)

Your hospital will probably provide a variety of items like maternity underwear, pads, towels, a breast pump, diapers, etc. but check with them beforehand so you know if you need to pack any of those essentials, too.

And don’t stress. If you forget a toiletry item, your hospital will most likely have it on hand or you can send someone out to pick it up for you. 

You’ll be packing many bags for your baby in the coming months. This first bag is the beginning of the rest of your life with your new little love. Congratulations!

Is there anything you would add to our What to Pack for the Hospital  list? Let us know below


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