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Another fabulous puzzle game from Smart Games to tell you about: Color Catch! There are 48 challenges in this single player puzzle game ranging from Starter to Master level.

The goal is to use deduction and logic to find the right place for every puzzle piece!

Basic Rules:

1. Place all puzzle pieces on the game board so that the frogs, salamanders, and bugs match the color(s) shown in the challenge.

2. The position of the animals does not need to match what is shown on the challenge unless the frog or salamander needs to be eating a bug!

In the above example, a blue salamander must be facing a red dragonfly. All other frogs and salamanders can face any direction but towards a bug. In the above example, only the blue salamander is facing a bug.

3. The same bug can be caught by two different frogs or salamanders.

Note: bugs are included on the puzzle pieces, but are only shown in challenges where they must be caught by a frog or salamander.

Note: the game board consists of colored squares. The puzzle pieces display clear frogs, salamanders, and bugs.


We started with Starter Puzzle 1

Success! As we moved through the starter level, the puzzles became more challenging, but each puzzle gradually builds upon a deduction skill set.

Now we are up to Junior Level 13!

Here comes Petunia to assist!

After a few attempts…SUCCESS!

Though this is a single player puzzle, you can make this a 2+ game with the use of a timer. Start the clock and log the time it takes each player to complete the puzzle. Fastest time wins!

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Happy Gaming!

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