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10 Tips for Work at Home Moms with Little Ones

You’re a mom and you love it! But maybe you’d like to try working from home, as if you aren’t busy enough, right?! It’s great to keep yourself in the workforce or pursue something you are passionate about while parenting, but it can be tough to manage the heavy load. That is why important software and services need to be looked at and implemented, such as SD-WAN providers. For those who want to know additional knowledge on this, they can get more info over at MegaPath. Parenting itself is a full-time job, and adding on the responsibilities and daily tasks of a job can be difficult if you don’t plan and prepare properly. Of course, working from home and trying to look after kids won’t be straightforward. That’s why a lot of working mothers do end up having to get help. A lot of mothers have recently been finding an au pair to help around the house whilst they work. This relieves some of the pressure off of working mothers, allowing them to get on with their work whilst the children can be entertained by the child carer.

We’ve compiled 10 Tips from Work at Home Moms who are making it happen to show how you can find balance being a mompreneur while raising kids.

10 Tips for Work at Home Moms on Balance and How to Make Extra Income Stay at Home

There are many work at home jobs for moms out there. Writing is a big one. Find sites that offer jobs for mom bloggers or parenting experts. Try Craigslist or other freelance job sites.

You can also do things like data entry, transcription, virtual assistant jobs, selling products you make or own on Etsy or eBay, event planning or selling for a company like Rodan + Fields or Beachbody. Of course, for most of these jobs, you’ll need to be able to access the internet in order to apply and to do the job itself. Without a good internet connection, it will be difficult to get work done. That’s why it might be worth looking into some windstream internet plans, for example. That should be better for home working. Of course, homeowners can always switch internet plans if they need to.

Once you secure a position, it’s going to be a transition. You now have a whole entire other part of your life to find time to work on.

10 Tips for Work At Home Moms

  1. Try to make a calendar, just like you would at a regular day-job.
    If naptime is always from 2 pm-3 pm, schedule yourself to work during that time. Get into a routine and stick to it as best as possible.
  2. While you’re working, look over at your little one and enjoy the moment. This is a big one! Yes, you’re working, and you might not be holding your baby while they sleep, but you are home and you are there right beside them. Cherish the fact you can be doing both at the same time.
  3. Ask for help. Is there another stay-at-home mom that can come over for a few hours a week? Whether she helps watch your little one so you can work, or you work together while the kids play, it’s always great to have a partner.
  4. Join a class once a week to get you and baby out of the house. Mom duties and work duties are going to take up a lot of time, so schedule yourself at least an hour a week outside of the house to do something fun with your little one. Maybe a Mommy and Me or baby music class offered in your area. Meet other local moms and get the adult interaction you need in your day.
  5. Be up front and tell people you’re a working mom. You will be surprised at the awesome response you get from most people. They understand that they may hear a baby laughing in the background while you’re on a conference call or that you might have to meet deadlines later in the day, due to your schedule.
  6. Get up early or stay up late. If you’re a night owl, use the time to do your work while your household is sleeping. Or, if you’re an early bird, try to fit in some work before everyone wakes up. The time by yourself is peaceful and you’ll have one sole focus with no distractions.
  7. Take a ‘you’ break. Make sure each month you plan a night out with your spouse, partner, friends or family members, or even just yourself. Go to the movies, out to dinner, the salon. Do something that you enjoy and that makes YOU feel good. Take care of yourself so you can take of everybody else.
  8. Use a laptop or tablet so you can work from anywhere. If you use a desktop computer, you’re stuck in one room. If you can, use your laptop or tablet, so you can move freely around the house and work from anywhere (like the playroom!)
  9. Take breaks whenever you need them. Don’t feel like you once you start a project, you have to finish it. Work when you can and you’ll figure it out. It may be hard to adapt, since it’s easier to finish something when you start it, but understand that a mom’s day can never really be planned and just embrace it.
  10. Make a plan for the income you bring in. Start a savings account for your little one, put it away for vacation, use it for diapers or extra money for family days to the zoo or museum. Whatever you decide to do with the money, make a plan for it, so you can really see how the contribution is making a difference.

Any work from home tips for moms you would add to this list? Share them on our Facebook page.

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