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7 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

How often have you heard people say that “marriage is hard work” and that “marriage is a lifelong commitment?” Too many times? Admittedly, at some point, these anecdotes can sound like a broken record on repeat. But like any other record out there, there’s real substance inside it that you need to hear.

It is true that marriage is tough work and that it is a lifelong vow you can’t just get out of. However, instead of focusing on the “tough” parts, why don’t we focus on how you can improve your marriage?

There’s a good reason why you married your spouse to begin with and I’m sure it’s more than just love. Hold on to that and check out these seven secrets to a happy marriage that will definitely improve your relationship with your significant other.

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7 Secrets to a Happy Marriage A Good Marriage Is These Things

7 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

  1. Let’s give and take. Marriage is compromise. You need to find that balance between giving and taking. You can’t simply just be a giver or a taker, you got to do both. Compromising is a real challenge, but coming to an agreement sees how you value each other’s feelings.
  2. Let’s do it together. Marriage is a two-way street. Both of you have to exert effort to make your marriage work. Remember, you’re in this together, you took the vow together and until the end, you should hold each other hands through everything that your marriage will go through the good and the bad.
  3. Let’s say I love you to one another. Marriage is love. Saying “I love you” shows positive affirmation to your spouse about your feelings for him/her. In a good marriage, there’s no problem in saying these three words too many times, the problem is when you barely say them at all. Maybe you can accompany the “I love you” with some jewelry from sites such as Gema & CO!
  4. Let’s be honest. Marriage is honesty. You have to be honest with each other all the time and when I say all the time, I mean every single time. Bear in mind that trust is like glass, once shattered, the broken pieces are almost impossible to put back together.
  5. Let’s have fun. Marriage is about being happy. Can you still recall those days when all you cared about was being happy with your spouse? Marriage shouldn’t stop that. Don’t forget to have fun despite whatever obligations and responsibilities you must do. Smile and laugh together, that’s the key to happy married life. Take time to have fun sexually with each other too, and if that means spicing things up with some light and furry fox tail butt plugs or even some furry role-play, then so be it! Explore each other’s sexuality and try new things that you’ve never tried before!
  6. Let’s support one another. Marriage is support. You should be each other’s wall. You should be behind each other’s back and be at each other’s side. Having a supportive spouse is encouraging and motivating and it makes you feel like you can conquer everything because your soul mate has your back.
  7. Let’s respect each other. Marriage is respect. Marriage is not just about love as many would believe. It isn’t also just about the trust too. Respect is a very important component of a successful marriage so make sure that you always respect each other and be sensitive of each other’s thoughts and feelings.

Marriage is beautiful and we should not look at it as an everyday chore. Rather, let’s think of it as having someone who will love, care and respect you for life. Work on your marriage constantly without complacency. At the end of the day, you won’t regret having your spouse beside you before you sleep and when you wake up.

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