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Adult coloring pages free 9 printable designs to help you destress and become more mindful in your everyday life. Grab some colored pencils and sit down for some quiet time expressing your artistic side.

I used to LOVE coloring as a kid. I’d sit for hours and hours neatly coloring the details of my coloring sheets. Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. Recent studies have shown that coloring in patterns and intricate geometric designs can benefit adults in many ways. From reducing anxiety to increasing mental focus, coloring is a hobby that may provide a positive therapeutic release. In some cases, a combination of two practices can also help alleviate negative feelings, etc. Going onto websites such as for those who want to mix this with a herbal approach, can be a good starting point.

Benefits of Using Adult Coloring Books

  • Relaxation. Coloring is a peaceful activity that allows you to relax and separate from the business of the daily grind. 
  • Mental Focus. Filling in intricate designs exercises mental focus and improves brain function. 
  • Combats anxiety. The calming effect of coloring can help adults who suffer from anxiety. 
  • Reduces stress. Warding off anxiety and providing relaxation in turn reduces stress levels.  
  • Exercising Fine Motor Skills. The act of coloring helps center the brain and control the connection between body and mind by focusing on fine motor skill work. 
  • Activates areas of the brain that control reason and logic. Shifting your mental focus to detail work, color choice and patterns uses reasoning and logical thinking.
  • Stimulates creative thinking. Adult coloring is an excellent way to engage a person’s creative side. 
  • Calms the amygdala, the part of the brain that controls fear. Fear exhibits in our daily life and worry and anxiety. Taking the time to slow down and mentally escape by coloring gives the adult brain a break from the constant processing of fear signals. 

Adult Coloring Pages Free 9 Printable Designs — Adult Coloring Book for Spring

Adult Coloring Pages Free Coloring Book 9 Printable Pages of Spring Themed Designs

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Adult Coloring is like Yoga for the Mind

Interesting Facts:
Psychiatrist Carl Jung prescribed coloring for adults as a way to calm the mind and center the brain. 

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