This parenting gig is awesome, but it’s got it’s challenges. As much as you love your little people, they come full equipped with a list of things that will drive you freaking crazy. Part of what I love about being a mom is the connection shared between moms who are all going through the same thing. All those “been there done that”stories make it all a little easier. Well that and wine, wine makes mommy life a little (lot!) easier…. but that’s a whole other post. 

Sharing our mommy experiences is important. Not only does it give you a way to get it out and express your emotions, it helps other mothers and lets them know they’re not alone. 

Mommy humor is awesome for making us feel more connected and giving us a good laugh. Kids do plenty of things that will have you SMH, LOL, OMG ing so you might as well share the funny sh** and do your part in making a mom laugh today. 

So I would like to share with you our latest little project, a compilation of things you will never hear a mom say! 
And I invite you to add your own by posting a comment or sharing to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag 
#saidnomomever  and tag @saidnomomever 

Here are a few of our favorites:

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Said no mom EVER, things you’ll never hear a mom say! 

 Said No Mom Ever -- I miss pumping! Mom Humor Funny Parenting Tweets #saidnomomever

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