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Flashback to the 80’s! Who remembers Trapper Keepers? I vividly remember going back-to-school shopping with my mom and picking out a new Trapper Keeper for school. Would it be a unicorn or hearts or rainbows?! Or how about this blast from the past: rainbow hearts!

Now you can relive some old school memories and share the love of Trapper Keeper with your children. The Trapper Keeper Game comes in an adorable small Trapper Keeper.

As with any game, it takes a couple rounds to get used to the scoring system and strategy, but once you do…it is so much FUN!

Here are the main components of the game:

5 Trapper Keeper folders for each player, 81 red locker cards, and 11 bell cards.

You set up play like this with 9 piles of 9 locker cards and 6 bell cards.

To begin turn over the top card of each locker and the top bell card.

The instruction book details the rules of the game. In summary, players collect school paper cards (the locker cards) and stash them in their Trapper Keeper folders. You can collect 3 cards on each turn. You can choose 3 cards in any row or line, or 3 cards in the format depicted on the bell card. Strategize to collect the best sets of quizzes, homework, notes from classmates, field trip slips, report cards, detention slips, and doodles to win!

After completing 6 rounds of play, you first tally points by color of doodles you collected. Here you can see how I organized my hand of doodles. While playing you must choose to place all 3 cards from your turn on one side of your folder. This is where strategy comes in! Which blue doodles at I collecting? Which red?

Next you tally points based on type of card. Here you can see my cards rearranged for the second set of scoring.

The Instruction booklet does a great job of clearly explaining the scoring system.

“Can we play Trapper Keeper?” is the first questions he asked after returning home from school today! This blast from the past game will not disappoint! One last note: Don’t collect too many detention notes! It’s cool to be edgy, but don’t be a burnout!

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