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How kids can make money, ways children can earn cash and learn the value of hard work while filling their piggy banks.

How Kids Can Make Money Great Ways Your Kid Can Earn Money at Any Age

My first paying job as a kid was as a mother’s helper, entertaining two toddlers so their mom could get some work done. I loved it so much, the feeling that I could earn my own money and buy the things that I wanted. No more begging my parents for money to buy CDs (remember those?) or expensive jeans they never agreed to. I was in control, I had opportunity on my side.

That drive to work hard and make money grew as I got older. I worked throughout high school and started my first side hustle in college with an eBay store. I’ve owned several successful businesses since those days, some of which I have been able to incorporate a global payments software into (more info here) in order to allow more people from countries worldwide to pay for my products and services too. I’ve really achieved more than I ever could have imagined, and I fully believe my entrepreneurial spirit came from those early days, learning how to make my own money and the excitement and pride that came along with it. My daughter has recently been thinking of ways to earn money and she’s really trying to focus her efforts on YouTube. Even though she’s only just started out, I can see a lot of potential. I’ve even thought about contacting an influencer marketing agency to help give her the best chance possible. I just want her to make some money!

Want to know how kids can make money and learn about finances? This blog will explain a number of methods. However, before reading those methods, it’s important to consider that mostly all of these ideas do involve children being on the internet. For some parents, this won’t be a problem. However, others may be unsure about this. If that’s the case, parents could always supervise their children on the internet or consider installing a proxy, from, to ensure people won’t be able to track their IP address. Proxies can also restrict children from going on certain websites, so that could reassure some parents. With that in mind, here are a few great ways for kids to make money:

How Kids Can Make Money at Any Age

  1. Sell Old Stuff. Kids nowadays have sooooo much stuff! Toys, video games, books, clothes… they outgrow it or get over it so quickly. Many old video games can be download online for free on sites like so they can make money selling their games but still have fun playing them on a different device. Old consoles can be sold too! All that stuff is still worth money to someone. Help your child go through their things, then set up an account on eBay to sell it. Once they see the cash roll in from their unwanted treasures they’ll be hooked. Ebay has a great article on What to Sell to Make Money as a Kid
  2. Make Stuff. Etsy is the ultimate game changer for early entrepreneurs. Think of all the things you could make and sell on Etsy. Is your child artistic? They can sell their masterpieces online. Crafty? Make anything from hairbows to bottlecap jewelry, there are THOUSANDS of things you can make and make a profit on Etsy. Etsy requires that a parent/adult set-up and run the account so be sure to follow all guidelines. Here’s a great video on kids starting a business on Etsy
  3. Review Games, Toys and Products. Bet you had no idea your child’s video game obsession could actually be a profitable business. Video game makers want to know what kids like and what they want more of. Checkout to find out how to get paid to test video games and write video game reviews.
  4. Take Photos. Content is everything in our internet and technology driven world. All those blogs and websites need great pictures of everyday people and their ordinary lives. If your kid has an eye for photography they could earn money selling stock photos of everything from what’s for dinner to your family dog. A good camera could be the Christmas present that keeps on giving.
  5. Start a Blog. Blogging is an excellent way to improve your creative writing skills, journal your life, and it’s one of the best ways to make money online. Lots of kid friendly sites would love to feature posts from a child’s perspective. Or your child could post reviews on their favorite toys, local places for kids and fun things to do. Reach out to companies and invite them to advertise on your site.
  6. Start a Youtube channel. Video is growing so fast, it’s a great time to start a business by creating your own kid friendly Youtube channel. All you need is a smartphone with a video camera and you could be the next Youtube sensation like these kids, making tons of money off their Youtube popularity.
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How Kids Can Make Money Great Ways Your Kid Can Earn Money at Any Age

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