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We’ve got a list of fun things to do on a snow day! Bundle up and get the kids outdoors for some winter fun. 

Fun Things To Do On a Snow Day Snow Activities and Winter Fun

Baby, it’s cold outside! Winter is here and the excitement builds with every snowflake that hits the ground. Don’t let cabin fever turn you into a cranky parent, get outside and make some memories with your little ones. Here’s our list of fun snow activities:

6 Fun Things To Do On a Snow Day

  1. Make Snow Ice Cream (Snowcream) – A tasty treat thats easy to make in minutes and fun for all ages. Click for recipe for snow ice cream
  2. Build a Snow Fort – What could be more fun than building your own castle in the snow? Use a snow block mold to build walls or even make your own igloo.
  3. Snow Painting- Fill a few spray bottles with water, add a few drops of food coloring and you have a fun activity that will keep kids busy for hours.
  4. Build a Snowman – A time honored tradition all kids remember from their childhood. Thanks to the Disney Frozen movie you can also have a sing-along while you create your frosty friend.
  5. Go Sledding – A guaranteed great way to entertain kids on a snowday! Plan ahead and buy a sled to keep in the garage for when the next snowstorm strikes. Check out this top rated snow sled on on Amazon or try this sled for toddlers.
  6. Snowball Fight – Host a friendly neighborhood snowball fight for some winter fun. Score even more mom points by serving up some delicious hot cocoa afterwards. Check out our favorite hot chocolate recipe or learn how to set-up an awesome hot chocolate station.


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