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7 Habits of a Happy Mom by Brook Belden, health and happiness expert and happy momma to one sweet little ray of sunshine. Here are her tips on finding the joy in parenting again.

 7 Habits of a Happy Mom- Find Your Joy Again with these Positive Parenting Tips

7 Habits of a Happy Mom

There is no doubt that this parenting gig is one of the hardest things you will ever do. Yet as moms, all we want for our children is their happiness. And one of the easiest ways to have happy children is to start with a happy mom. Every day you can choose… or practice the choice of being happy. Here are seven practices to implement today.

  1. Gratitude: What you appreciate, appreciates. Happy moms look for things to be grateful for everyday.
  2. Exercise: I don’t think we can deny the research that exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make us happy. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym, but find something that gets your heart pumping and you enjoy. Start with 20 minutes and start today.
  3. Make sleep a priority: I know. So much easier said than done. You may not always get your 8 hours, especially as a new mom. But simply make it a priority. Try not to stay up too late to fold the laundry. Put the scrolling down when the baby is napping. Create a simple but relaxing routine before bed to help increase your quality of sleep as well.
  4. Clean it up: Don’t stress about having the cleanest house on the block, but do try to tidy. Clutter and prolonged mess can create clutter and mess in your mind too. Try simple daily routines, like 5 minute pick at the end of the day and recruiting the whole family to help to help decrease the clutter. This should help to make you feel better, but if the clutter starts to mount up again, you may want to consider using something like these Colorado self storage units to store your clutter away until you can organize more space. It may just be the best thing for your house, and for your life.
  5. Drink less: I know. You almost want to stop reading right here. But it is true that alcohol can be an unhealthy coping mechanism and result to more feelings of guilt and depression. Just simply check in with yourself: are you drinking to drown out your negative feelings? It may be time to swap it out for something else like taking a bath or going for a walk.
  6. Turn down the noise: Comparison is the death of all moms. Truth be told, we are all superheros and mistake-makers, often on the same day. The mom with the always clean kids, the mom with the beautiful home, the fit mom, the organized mom… Try not to compare someone’s best day with your worst.
  7. Speak up: Practice expressing your feelings with your partner, your children, and your friends. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or just need a time-out, speak openly about how you are feeling before the negative feelings boil over. You will be teaching them healthy communication as well.


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