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10 Benefits of Letting a Cat Grace You with His Presence by Melanie Bielski, cat enthusiast and enabler to a quirky lovable kitty named Petunia.

Having a Pet Cat as a Family Pet - Cute Pictures of Kitties

The dog versus cat debate can be fierce! Yeow! As a cat lover, let’s just take the stance that cats prevail (and perhaps get dog themed gifts as a peace offering to the dog lovers). Though honestly, the benefits of owning a pet could apply to a dog or cat. But again, everyone knows that I believe that cats prevail in every way, I mean if you need any more proof all anyone seemed to buy me for Christmas last year was custom pet face gifts of my beloved cat. So let the cute cat pictures roll as we list the top ten benefits of owning a cat. Of course, owning a cat is amazing and they are great pets, however, it is also a big responsibility of both time and money. Cats can get sick sometimes and people will have to find treatments. Sometimes, they might need to go to the vets, and other times gmo-free cbd for cats might just do the trick to calm them down and reduce any pain. Make sure you have enough time to care for these animals, and they will care for you back.

The Top Ten Benefits of Letting a Cat Grace You with His Presence

  1. Cats will be there when you are sick. Yes, they may lay on your face, but they will be there. In fact, they help reduce how often you are sick. Studies have shown that infants who live with cats (ok, really it stated pets in general) suffered from fewer respiratory tract illnesses.
  2. Cats are the best alarm clocks. If you don’t believe me, immediately go to your local animal shelter and adopt one. Let me know how that furry alarm clock works out for you! It may not be the time you wanted to wake, but you will be awakened at the same time every. Single. Day.
  3. Cats teach you how to read efficiently. If you are lingering over your ipad, computer, book, newspaper, or coupon circulars, cats will quickly direct your attention to a greater purpose: them.
  4. Cats love to shower you with presents. Oh, at times they may seem aloof, but they are noticing all the little things you do for them. They appreciate a pat on the head and verbal praise and do not understand why you might be alarmed by the mouse gift. So, please, try to control yourself.
  5. Cats are excellent decorators. Often they prefer things on the floor, however, significant time is given to whether an item would look better to the left or right or left or right.
  6. Reduce stress and anxiety, increase love and trust: Petting a cat can be soothing and trigger calming chemicals (i.e. oxytocin) in the body that results in a less-stressed you! People going through a difficult time report that talking to and petting their cat helps them navigate their feelings.
  7. Decreases risk of stroke : Research has shown that cat owners are at a reduced stroke risk than any other pet owner. Researchers speculate that a cat’s low maintenance ownership provides this health perk.
  8. Boost immunity: Exposure to pet dander and fur in your home is a gift! All that fur and dander results in increased resistance to allergens which decreases one’s risk for allergies and asthma. Whilst this is true for some people, others may be allergic to dander. If you have an air conditioning unit, it’s important to get it cleaned by a company like to prevent the build up of dander.
  9. Provide companionship: Owning a feline fur ball reduces feelings of loneliness. Though cats are known for their independence, the bond between cat and its owner is indeed special and provides significant companionship and comfort.
  10. Reduce your carbon footprint: A win for the cats! As compared to dogs, cats leave a smaller carbon foot print. One 2009 study found that a dog’s carbon footprint is equivalent to a Hummer. Meanwhile your sweet cat is the approximate carbon footprint of a Volkswagen Golf.

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