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Bathroom cleaning hacks that will save you time and sanity! Because who loves cleaning bathrooms when you could be watching reality tv 🙂

I’m not a fan of cleaning. I won’t lie, it’s always the very last thing on my to-do list and the one I begrudgingly mope and poke through. I do however enjoy having a neat and tidy home, I just hate putting in all the work for it. For that reason, I have come up with every possible cleaning hack I could to limit my time spent on miserable cleaning duties. The one area I just pay somebody else to do is the windows. It’s not worth clambering up the house to try and do them, besides I don’t even have ladders. My advice would be to look up a window cleaning company in Toronto, or wherever you live to get the windows done. This will be perfect for those who need to clean their bathroom in a rush or those who may have just had their bathroom remodeled. When a bathroom has recently been remodeled, it’s important to take good care of the bathroom to ensure it stays in good condition. These days, a lot of homeowners contact companies like Home Alliance (click here) to install new appliances in the bathroom, so it’s important that these appliances are kept well-maintained by regular cleaning and inspections. If you find there is an excess of build up of grime, you could have a limescale problem and should consult a plumber from somewhere like to see if they can install a water softening system. Hopefully, this should keep the bathroom from getting moldy or dusty. Here are a few tips on how to keep your bathroom clean:Bathroom Cleaning Hacks for Moms + Tips on Housekeeping

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

  1. Keep a basket of basic cleaning products in a bucket under the sink. A roll of paper towels, an all-purpose cleaning spray, a pair of gloves and some disposable scrubbing sponges. That way you’ll have everything on hand in one place for a quick cleaning routine.
  2. Disposable toilet brushes are the way to go. Skip the disgusting toilet brush sitting in the corner. These will save you time and make cleaning the toilet bowl a breeze.
  3. Keep counters clear, store toiletries and necessities in cabinets or baskets. It’s much easier and quicker to wipe down a clear space. If you store your everyday items in baskets you’ll be able to set them aside and wipe down the counter and sink in seconds.
  4. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are a must. Loved by moms and maids worldwide, these work magic on hard to remove stains and wall marks.
  5. Hang a squeegee in the shower. After you shower run the squeegee over the door and you’ll knock out half of the soap scum and grime that sticks to it so wiping it clean next time will be easy.
  6. Prevent water stains on the shower door by spraying them with an auto water repellant like Rain-X.

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