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Can’t sleep? 6 Tricks that Will Help You Get Some Rest

Our sleeping habits can really affect how productive our day will be. A better night’s sleep will help you feel more relaxed, less stressed and be more productive. But sometimes getting a great night of shut eye can seem impossible.

Over 80% of people report that they experience trouble sleeping. Several factors can keep you awake and make it difficult to relax your mind and rest your body. Moreover it is for these reasons that people sometimes turn to a sleep aid with cbd for example.

There are a lot of natural products like CBD out there nowadays that can help people to sleep, it is simply a case of finding what works best for the individual concerned.

Today though, let us discover some handy tips that can help you to get some shut eye. So, go on, follow these 6 tricks to help you get some rest and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Can't Sleep? 6 Tricks to Help You Get Some Rest

Can’t sleep ? 6 Tricks that Will Help You Get Some Rest

  1. Create a Schedule. Creating a daily schedule will allow you to stay on track with your daily tasks and set a productive routine to follow. Write it down where you can see it. Seeing your tasks in writing will help you complete your to-dos and fall asleep feeling more satisfied with your accomplishments. The more consistent your routine the better your body will be able to adjust to waking up and going to bed at a specific time.
  2. Go for a Walk an hour Before Bedtime. Taking a brisk walk an hour before bedtime can help your body relax. Getting your body and mind relaxed is essential to achieve a good night’s sleep. When your body feels relaxed it’s easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep till morning.If you are not able to go for a walk 1 hour before your bedtime, try a light stretching routine or a few basic yoga moves.
  3. Make your Room a Sanctuary for Relaxation. All too often we have so many distractions in our bedroom that that we simply can’t sleep because our brains are so tuned in. Tv, cellphone, laptop, iPad…. these all contribute to bad habits that will keep you awake at night. If you can’t sleep, try turning off all screens at least 30 minutes before bed. Use blackout shades to make your room as dark as possible. Keep the temperature slightly cool, covering your body with blankets and leaving your face and arms exposed.
  4. Take a Warm Bath Right Before Bed. Taking a warm bath right before bed can help relax your mind and rest your weary body. In studies 75% of people reported falling to sleep within 30 minutes of taking a warm bath. Making a warm bath part of your daily routine will wash away the stress of the day and put you in a calm and cozy state, perfect for getting more sleep. In addition to this, you could also get a warm drink or take some vegan cbd oil, which could help to relax the body, making it easier for you to get some rest.
  5. Keep a Journal. Writing in a journal can help you unwind and release your daily thoughts. Keeping a journal will decompress your busy mind, allowing you to feel prepared for what the next day may bring.Writing down your final thoughts will allow you to clear your mind at the end of the day and make you feel more relaxed. In states where it is legal, smoking marijuana from somewhere like OREGROWN CANNON BEACH way, can also help you to unwind and have a good night’s sleep.
  6. Practice Yoga Breathing. Yoga breathing is an excellent way to achieve a better not sleep. It can help you relax, destress and fall asleep faster. Slow breathing in and out will settle your body and calm your thinking, creating a peaceful pace for your brain flow to slip into slumber. The slower you practice yoga breathing the easier and quicker it will be to fall asleep.

The key to a good night sleep is creating a relaxing environment right before bed and transitioning your body and mind into a calm, restful state. Follow these tips and you’ll be sleeping like a baby every night.

What habits do you follow for better sleep? Leave us a comment or post to our Facebook page.

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