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6 Handprint Art Activities for Toddlers. Check out all the fun things you can make with your kids to hang on the walls or as a keepsake gift for family. Kids love getting crafty and this is perfect project for letting your little ones artistic side shine.

Is there anything more precious than your child’s hand or foot print? How about their entire hand? You can use a large casting kit to make a mold of your child’s hands and feet to make a beautiful ornament that will last even after they are all grown up. Be warned though, these kits involve keeping still for a few minutes so if your child is a wriggler, then maybe it’s best to stick with a handprint! These six handprint art activities capture that moment when they were so little and turn it into meaningful keepsakes from your child’s first year, or a fun afternoon you and your toddler will both enjoy.

Fun Handprint Art Activities for Toddlers - Cute Ideas to Keep Kids Busy Making Keepsakes

6 Fun Handprint Art Activities for Toddlers

  1. Handprint Fish Puppets. This is a great activity for an older toddler/preschooler. With a little guidance, your child can cut out the fish and glue on the accessories.
    By Stacey Gibbon at Blitsy
  2. Handprint & Footprint Canvas art. You don’t have to be an artist to make these precious keepsakes. Just a few extra touches and you’re done. by Heidi at The Frugal Gals
  3. Alphabet Handprint Art. Make learning letters a tactile experience for your toddler with the Alphabet Handprint Art. This is perfect compliment for a letter of the day project. By The Whoot
  4. Handprint Apple and Footprint Bus Back to School Keepsakes. This first day of school keepsake will be something you want to frame. by Jackie Cravener at I heart Arts and Crafts
  5. Kids Handprint Ornaments. Looking for a unique way to celebrate baby’s first Christmas? This handprint ornament is perfect not only for the first year, but can easily become an annual tradition. By Dave and Heather at The Heathered Nest
  6. Handprint Art Gifts. Looking for a perfect gift for Grandma? This family portrait beautifully captures a moment in your family’s growth. By G is for Gift

Pull out a little paint and some construction paper and get creative with your kids. You’ll make more than just a sweet masterpiece to hang on the walls, you’ll have another memory to add to your collection of time well spent. Isn’t that what life is all about?

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