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How to apply highlighter like a pro, the secret to contouring and getting that coveted strobe cheek effect.
How to Apply Highlighter Like a Pro Makeup Contouring Strobing

So you want to learn how to get the glam look that all the models and celebs are sporting? Well I’m gonna share a few secrets on how to highlight your face that will give you a fresh glow, literally! Highlighting is part of the contouring method that accentuates your face. The highlight color is a light and shimmery color that contrasts with the dark, matte contour color, giving your face more structure and depth. 

The key to highlighting properly is to:


  1. Choose a shade that’s lighter than your natural skin tone and compliments your complexion
  2. Apply the highlighter in the correct areas where your face catches light 

Where should you apply highlighter? You want to place the highlighter on your forehead, along the brow bone, down the bridge of your nose, at the top line of your cheekbones and on your chin. 

Check out a few of the Pinterest tutorials below to find out how to accentuate your face with highlighter. 

How to Apply Highlighter Like a Pro Makeup Contouring Strobing

Which highlighter should you choose? 

These are a few of the most popular highlighters makeup artists recommend:


Shop the Top Highlighters for Highlighting and Contouring Your Face 

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How to Apply Highlighter Like a Pro — Pinterest Tutorials

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