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Mozart for Babies –  How Music Benefits Child Development 

Did you know babies as young as three months can recognize classical music they’ve heard before? Music has the ability to soothe and calm your baby or excite and delight his senses.  Exposing your child to music early on has many lasting benefits from building language skills to boosting his IQ. Here are a few ways music benefit’s child development:

Mozart for Babies How Music Benefits Child Development

How Music Benefits Child Development

  • Listening to music together is a great way to bond with your baby. Humming a tune, singing as song or simply swaying to music while holding your little one will strengthen your relationship and bring your closer. 
  • Music improves memory. Exposing your infant to music has been shown to stimulate the synapses that create pathways in the brain, strengthening memory and cognitive development.
  • Music helps boost your babies language skills. Babies learn to identify and create musical patterns in much the same way they learn speech. A baby will babble musically making up melodies and songs just like they start babbling before speaking. 
  • Music can enhance fine motor skills. Pairing songs with motion, making gestures and pointing your fingers helps your child practice fine motor coordination. Dancing and moving along to the rhythm will help them develop better control of their arms and legs.
  • Music fosters creativity. Children who are musically trained show strong connections between the right and left sides of the brain, which contributes to creative thinking.
  • Music boost’s confidence. Children who learn to express themselves through music gain confidence in themselves by improving their skills with practice and performing in front of others. 

Mozart for Babies? Why Play Classical Music Particularly 

While many types of music are enjoyable for babies, classical music especially has been shown to stimulate the infant brain. Researchers believe the complexity of classical music primes the brain to solve spatial problems and improves abstract reasoning. 


Encourage your child to explore their musical side. Introduce them to all types of music and engage them in singing and dancing. Put on some classical music while your making dinner and get them moving and grooving. You’ll find that the sound of music can bring joy and benefit you in just as many ways as it will your baby. If you have no idea where to start with classical music, KubaDownload a guide to classical music apps that you may find useful.

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Baby Mozart Classical Music Makes Babies Smarter Increase Intelligence in Child

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