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My mom taught me, by Lauren Strohofer.  From our collection of thoughts shared by daughters on timeless lessons and secrets of life passed down from their mothers. 

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5 Things My Mom Taught Me…….

Time passes by and the years between me and my mother seem to lessen. It’s funny how with each day we trade roles of mother/daughter more and more. And as these roles continue to transition I know that I will never forget these 5 things my strong, smart, driven, independent, fire cracker mother taught me:

  • “If you want to learn about something ask someone who is already doing it.” She’s right. People love to talk about themselves especially when you want to hear how they became successful.
  • “Say yes, not yeah. Have a firm handshake. Make eye contact. Don’t drag your feet when you walk.” I know what you’re doing. You’re either thinking about someone who does one or all of those things and how it drives you crazy. Or you are thinking “Oh shoot?! Do I do that?” These are all signs of a strong, smart, woman on a mission. Have confidence ladies.
  • “If you keep saying no, they will eventually stop asking.” Here’s what she meant by that. When I was little (under 10), for whatever reason I was nervous pretty much all the time. I was happy, energetic, outgoing, but nervous. No reason that I can think of (you can therapize me later). This nervousness often led me to say no to invites from friends. I’d rather stay home than risk the unknown outcome of the adventure. So one time I told a friend that I couldn’t go somewhere with them because my mom wouldn’t let me. Mom knew that wasn’t the case, but still covered for me. After I hung up the phone (that was corded and hanging on my kitchen wall) she let me know that if I kept telling my friends that I couldn’t go somewhere or do something with them that they would eventually just stop asking. This has stayed with me for 3 decades and now you know why I am usually up for anything.
  • “Put your big girl pants on and go back in there.” Uuugh I really didn’t want to but I did. Huge work crisis had me in a tizzy and I was ready to just quit. I called my mom crying and venting and this was her reply. If I was going to quit it would be my decision not theirs. I wasn’t giving up.
  • “Girls Can Do Anything!” I had this quote hanging on my wall when I was growing up. It was pink and purple, made out of clay or plaster and had raised letters with a little girl doing a cartwheel. I can still see it in my head and remember the smell of it. I constantly remind myself too… Oh yes! I can do anything!

Thank you Mom! 


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