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Makeup Must Haves, five beauty essentials for every woman.

Makeup Must Haves Beauty Products and List of Essentials Women Should Own

Every woman has an arsenal of make up, skin care and magic potions. We all hear about the next new thing (Xlash is an amazing make up range apparently) and buy it all. This leaves us with a ridiculous amount of make up in our homes. I personally felt that it was my right of passage as a teenage girl (who could finally go to the convenience store by herself) to try everything known to man … Woman. Who has time or money for that? I don’t. On a daily basis here is what I’m aiming for 1) a quick glam makeover without a fuss or having to reference instructions on what I am doing. I’ll worry about that for when I’m on the red carpet. 2) I want to know my skin is protected from harmful uv rays. Dear wrinkles, while I know you are inevitable I would like to ward you off as long as possible and skin cancer is not cool.

Full disclosure, I am not a makeup artist. I am a normal woman and I like to feel good about myself when I leave the house. A little good foundation recommended by Rank & Style goes a long way, after all. I also like things to be minimal and simple. Over the past few decades I’ve picked up a few beauty secrets.

Makeup Must Haves – 5 Beauty Essentials

  1. 1. It starts with a skin care regimen that’s as easy as 1-2-3-4-5. I am a die hard fan of the Herbalife SKIN line. It’s aloe based, toxin free, not overly fragrant and doesn’t break the bank. Moisturizing is a must to keep away wrinkles and assist in makeup application. Dry skin patches make it very hard to apply makeup evenly or to stay put.
  2. SPF. Nough said. Ladies, every woman should make sure ether their day time moisturizer or make up base has at least 15 SPF. I tend to get really oily if my day moisturizer has SPF and I’m not in the sun all day so I use a combo of Mary Kay’s CC cream (for moisturizer) and Benefit’s Hello flawless powder (for light coverage). Both have SPF. Also, don’t be afraid to to use something like these products on your décolletage (aka neck, upper chest, cleavage area). It’s vital to have your face protected but your décolletage is very important too and we forget about it. No chicken skin here!
  3. Mascara, mascara, Mascara! I have one on me at all times. No joke. It’s the easiest way to make those eyes pop in a flash. I never leave home without it. Try a bunch and find your favorite. My favorite is Revlon’s Grow Luscious.
  4. Say hello to your cheek bones and make those babies stand out with a great blush or bronzer. I use a combo from Benefit called Hoola. It’s a matte blush bronzer and I love it. I use it all over for a fabulous subtle glow.
  5. Here’s where you can get creative. Lip stick and lip gloss. Lip stick last longer but gloss is more fun. Go crazy, try something new, shiny or matter it doesn’t matter as long as try something. Your look isn’t finished until those smackers are complete.

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