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How to clean your house, easy tips for tidying up your home from the queen of cleaning and organizing.

You’ll find lots of different theories on the right way to clean your house. Some say to do a little everyday, others say all at once. I’m an “all at once” sort of gal. I like to get it all over with at once so I can bask in the twinkly, clean glory and then do a few simple daily things to keep it tidy for the next couple of weeks. Whilst this works for me, I know that a lot of people don’t have the time to do this. If that’s the case, it might be better to consider contacting a Cleaning Company to keep your house tidy instead. They could do all of these cleaning jobs, ensuring that your home looks spotless when you return to it. This works better for working parents who don’t have any spare time. Anyway, here are my cleaning tips on how to clean your house and keep your house clean.

How to Clean your House and Keep it Tidy Spring Cleaning tips and Organizing Advice

How to Clean Your House

  • Cleaning Supplies. Here’s what you’ll find in my cleaning basket: windex, all purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, paper towels, small cleaning rags, scrub brush and rubber gloves. That’s it. You really don’t need all those different cleaners for every single item in your house
  • I start by grabbing all the bathroom rugs and throwing them in the washer while I start on the rest of the house
  • Use an extra laundry basket to clear clutter. Throw everything in the basket and then put away in it’s proper place
  • If you don’t have enough space in your house to comfortably remove your clutter and instead you find yourself cluttering other areas in order to put it away, you may want to take a look at places like Boombox Storage to see how external options can offer you a lifeline in terms of a storage solution.
  • Eat the frog, start with the room you hate doing the most. That way you’ll get the worst part out of the way and are less likely to procrastinate and put it off as you near the end of your cleaning.
  • Next, go from top (dusting fans, walls, and surfaces) to bottom (changing sheets, vacuuming furniture and floors), upstairs to down stairs
  • When moving through the house I will dust and then vacuum/mop.
  • I will routinely make sure that my house is not overly dusty because this could be a sign that my air duct needs cleaning and when this happens I make sure that I am contacting a home air duct cleaning service to keep the air quality pristine.
  • Trash goes out last. By the way, do not forget to clean the garbage disposals! Yes, you might require some help with them. If so, then call for a handyman from companies like Tom Moffett Plumbing (view this website here).

How to keep your house clean?

  • Each evening pretend like you have company coming over the next day. Gather things that are out of place in your basket.
  • Fix the pillows on the couch, put away shoes, dishes out of the sink with a quick kitchen wipe down.
  • Trust me, you’ll even sleep better with a tidy home.
  • You know what they say, “A messy bed is a messy head.” Yes, make that bed in the morning. Nothing better than climbing into a crisp bed.

Now, with those quick and dirty tips for keeping a clean house have no fear of the spring cleaning to come!

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