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Running out of ideas to keep your little one busy? Here are a few of my favorite fun things to do with toddlers

Fun Things to Do with Toddlers List of Activities for Kids

When my son started walking and talking I remember thinking, now we’ll really have some fun. I imagined our afternoons would be filled with fun adventures and creative arts and crafts. What I did not realize in my naive, idealistic mommy daydreams was how quick his attention span would be. Pretty soon those I was out of ideas to keep him entertained and running out of energy to keep up with his pace.

Thankfully the internet is full of crafty ideas for children, and exasperated moms looking to find new ones or share their own. I’ve assembled a few we’ve tried and love:

Fun Things To Do With Toddlers

  • Sensory Bags – Easy to make and super fun for little kids, sensory bags are a great way to engage your child. Fill a ziploc bag with water, add some food coloring and any assortment of fun things (glitter, marbles, smooth stones, small plastic animals or fish.) Be sure to seal the bag up with packaging tape. Freezer bags work well because they are thicker, or you could use two bags just to be safe.
  • Yarn Box- Poke holes in a large box and pull a bit of yarn, ribbon or rope through the holes, making sure to knot the ends. Toddlers love pulling the strands back and forth.
  • Funny Family Picture Wall– Buy a plastic poster board frame and tape a bunch of family pics to the inside. Let kids draw silly faces with dry erase crayons or markers. Play “find so and so” with family members.
  • Pasta Pick Up- Use an empty milk jug or orange juice carton and whatever pasta you have on hand. Let kids fill up the containers with pasta. Toddlers love focusing on putting things in, shaking them around and then dumping out again.
  • Koolaid Play Dough – A classic cherished past time for children, playing with play doh is fun and incredibly easy to make. Click here for a homemade playdough recipe and how you can add koolaid to make it more colorful.
  • Blanket Fort – You probably remember building indoor forts when you were a kid, I know I do. Toddlers love building and hiding so this is a fantastic activity to keep them entertained. Best of all it only requires a few chairs or household furniture and some sheets or blankets.
  • Pots and Pans Band – Not one you’ll want to resort to if your wanting some quiet time or are prone to headaches, but pots and pans provide a ton of fun for musical exploration. Give your toddler a few wooden or plastic spoons and they’re ready for a drum solo.

We’d love to hear your fun ideas for things to do with toddlers. Leave us a comment or share on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page 🙂

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