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Halloween games for kids that are perfect for halloween parties, school fun or just to play around the house. I’ve rounded up a few ghoulishly cool games for kids of all ages. 

Halloween Games for Kids Activities and Fun Things to Do via @frostedevents

I love Halloween! It’s kind of the kick off to the holiday season, and I’m a holiday happy housewife. That’s when I get to attempt to pull off all the cute Pinterest ideas I’ve saved up all year long. And even though few of those crafty ideas and inspired recipes come out anywhere close to the pretty pictures, it’s the thought that counts. 

Nevertheless, back to Halloween! How can you not love Halloween. Halloween costumes, halloween parties, halloween games. 

Here are a few Halloween games for kids from preschool age to pre-teen, and a few parents will love too. 

Halloween Games for Kids Pumpkin Broom Roll  

Pumpkin Broom Roll via Evite

Halloween Games for Kids Mummy Wrapping @forkidsandmoms

Mummy Wrapping Game 

Halloween Games for Kids @forkidsandmoms

Donuts on a String via Tiffany Boener at Madly Stylish Events 

Halloween Games for Kids Ballon Pop @forkidsandmoms

Balloon Catch by Vanilla Joy

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Halloween Games for Kids Pinterest Ideas @forkidsandmoms

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