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I am constantly blown away by the toys on the shelves today.  They are so creative and engaging, and so NOT what I had when I was a child!  Granted classic toys such as wooden blocks, dolls, and wagons will always have a place in any child’s home, but I’m talking about the non-classic toys.  For example, when I was younger I had these little gems:

Old Toys

I fondly remember cherishing them and loving how one would walk and one would crawl with just the twist of a dial.  I also remember not sharing them with anyone, sorry to my friends and cousins! Now as I peruse the aisles at toy stores, watch commercials, and have sneak peeks at Sweet Suite 2018, I am seriously blown away! Not only are there so many clever toys available, but ones that stretch the imagination, incorporate STEM, and are interactive. Wow! Stuff recently sent us a few toys to try out and review.  All did not disappoint!

Wow! Stuff in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products has brilliantly taken the wizarding world of Harry Potter and created an exciting collection of interactive, magical products to will delight any Harry Potter fan! I am a long time fan of Harry Potter, with the books well worn and loved on my book shelf. I still enjoy watching the movies, though I have seen them numerous times.  Perhaps they tap into childhood memories of wanting to be a fairy and later a witch, of asking my parents for a unicorn, believing in trolls, elves, and wizards. I loved creating fantasy worlds with my wand made from a wooden stick as I wore the flower crown I had made. I BELIEVED in magic, it wasn’t just fantasy! My daughter is following in my footsteps and squeals with delight over all things magical such as elves, fairies, leprechauns, magic potions, wands and spells, wizards, and witches.  She has made a request for a “real live unicorn and a real live pegacorn” for Christmas.  She would like the pegacorn to take her to school and pick her up each day! While hiking in the Shenandoah recently, she kept peeking around moss covered rocks and under ferns with the attempt to see fairies.  And one day after an afternoon storm, a rainbow appeared.  We had to rush outside to see if there were any unicorns, because unicorns love rainbows and maybe one came to visit.  Oh, the magic of childhood!

On a side note, did y’all know that a pegacorn also known as an alicorn is a unicorn with wings or a pegasus with a horn?  Let’s chalk that up to things my daughter has taught me!

As a family we recently watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. She watched wide-eyed as Harry, Hermione, and Ron enter Hogwarts, train to become wizards, and practice spells.  The next day she was asking if she could go to Hogwarts and attempting to cast spells with her magic fairy wand!  Wow! Stuff kindly sent us a few items that truly bring the movie to life!

A Harry Potter Collectible Wand ~12 unique wands are available and perfect for collecting!  Each box contains one  4″ die-cast wand with stand. You never know which wand you will receive until you open the box. Much to Kate’s delight, she received Hermione Granger’s wand!  “The wand chooses you!”

Harry Potter wand

Tom Riddle’s Diary ~ Tom Riddle used his diary to store all of his secrets and memories. This all new diary set allows Harry Potter fans to leave their own notes and messages with the included invisible ink pen, which can only be seen under the glowing wand’s UV light. All you have to do is hover the wand tip over the pages, and what you have written will be magically revealed! The diary looks just like Tom Riddles actual diary and will easily help young wizards feel transported straight to the halls of Hogwarts with their secrets safely hidden from Muggles!

Riddle Diary

Kate immediately began to write secrets in her book and eagerly wrote her first spell on one of the pages. She wrote “RIDICULOSO” meaning “RIDDIKULUS” as seen in Harry Potter! Then as any young wizard would, she began to practice. Poor Petunia!


Sadly, my young wizard has not yet had luck with her charm to turn a Boggart (Petunia) into a humorous creature: cat wearing roller skates.  Every young wizard must keep trying; here’s hoping our Boggart, Petunia, has the patience!

spell 3

Happy Wizarding!

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