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Easy science experiments for kids: Let your kids use science to end to this common breakfast table fight.

Kids are natural observers and they love to explore through experimentation. They love to try new things just to see what will happen. By using easy science experiments for kids they can do what they do best: learn through play. Unlike many schools and other education centres, who buy exclusive microscopes only available at EduLab and other sites, the best part: you don’t need to buy any special tools or equipment to let them discover more about their world.

Easy Science Experiments for Kids- Teach Volume with One Simple Household Item 

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  Easy Science Experiments for Kids: Volume

 We’ve all been there. Saturday morning and your kids have a huge fight because one of them got more. You know they both got an equal pour, but no amount of reasoning from you will change your preschooler’s mind. Rather than spend one more morning arguing about how much liquid the glass really holds, let them discover why a full looking smaller glass may not have as much as a half full larger one.


The science experiment:


  • Several glasses, or other clear containers of different sizes and widths glasses/clear containers that are identical (if you have 2 identical Pyrex measuring cups this works best since the numbers are on the outside.)
  • Water

 Experiment 1: Is it the same amount?

Have your child fill two different glasses to the exact same height. Guide your child to pick two glasses that have different widths, i.e. A tall thin glass and a short wide glass. This will ensure a dramatic difference.

 Ask: Do these glasses have the same amount of water?

 Have child empty the two glasses into the identical containers and compare the results.

 Ask: Are they the same?

Why did they look the same in the other glasses?

What is different about the two original glasses?

Why did that make the allow one to hold more?


Experiment 2: Does the glass change the amount you get?

This is the same experiment in reverse

Have your child fill the two identical glasses with the same amount of water (if you are using the measuring cups have them tell you exactly how much they put in the glass.)

 Ask: Do these glasses have the same amount of water?

 Have your child fill two differently shaped glasses and compare the results

 Ask: Does one glass look like it has more than the other?

Is that really true?

Can the shape of the glass make it look like you are getting more or less than someone else?

Is that really true?



This is a fun easy science experiment for kids to try. Let them continue to experiment on their own using whatever containers they can find in your kitchen, and since it’s just water you don’t have to worry about stains. If you have an older child he or she might also be willing to help out. Kids love to learn through experimentation. Using simple science experiments will show kids how science is part of their everyday lives.

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