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We all have heard about the importance of exposure to activities and materials that support a child’s exploration of and learning through science, technology, engineering, art, and math.  What I find hard at times is to shake up our routine to include more of those elements.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like the mess of a science or art project. Sometimes I just don’t have the supplies I need for a cool impromptu technology or engineering project. If I had a dime for all the projects I have saved on Facebook or Pinterest that remain just that… only a saved image.  While I work on actually creating an opportunity for my daughter to make all those fun, cool STEAM projects I have saved, I will enjoy toys that make it easy!  As if the toy gods heard me, The Learning Journey sent us Techno Kids Stack & Spin Gears to explore.  Get ready to add them to your gift list!


With The Learning Journey’s Techno Kids line of products, kids as young as two years old can start exploring those engineering skills!  This gear set lets kids build and then play with the toy they just built! Guess what?  Kate and her friend LOVED them!  They spent most of their entire play date on the floor creating and playing with this fantastic set.

Many of the preschools I have worked in have had gears available for play and exploration by the children.  These old gears only snapped together in straight lines and consisted of only one size gear.  One exciting addition to this line is the stacking option in the Techno Kids Stack & Spin Gears. The second exciting addition to this line is that the bases can configure in to a myriad of designs.  Simply connect the base plates in any configuration, then add on the gears. Third exciting feature…There are two different gear sizes which allow kids to stack and sort in any configuration they like, to create an amazing kid-powered machine!

These gears are perfect for open-ended exploration of simple mechanics, all while building confidence as kids design gears that really work! Made from durable plastic, the set comes with 9 colorful gear pieces, 9 base plates and 1 hand crank. It is also available in a Super Set which has 18 colorful gear pieces, 12 base plates and 1 hand crank. Both sets are recommended for ages 2+ years. The basic set sells for approximately $14.99 and the Super Set for approximately $19.99. They are available now at many major retailers and specialty stores.

Gears 2

Approved by Kate the engineer!
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