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Exercising while pregnant will keep you fit and feeling energized. Follow these exercise tips from our fabulous fit momma Brook and you’ll look and feel better, while also keeping your body conditioned for a happier, healthier pregnancy and labor.
Before getting pregnant, I dreamed about it. I thought I would be so good at pregnant. I mean,
I do yoga. Then I got pregnant… twice… and I was quickly hit with the reality that all of my fitness background and working out had almost nothing on the fatigue and nausea that I felt. During my first pregnancy, I even got scolded for not working out!! So after taking the pressure off of myself to go #beastmode and simply keep my body moving, strong, and build some endurance, I was able to work these simple fitness moves for exercising while pregnant into my day to day pregnant life.

Exercising While Pregnant Simple Pregnancy Exercises for a Fit Momma Workout Routine

Exercising While Pregnant – Simple Pregnancy Workouts to Keep You Fit

  • Swimming: Other than the fact that the only place I felt comfortable was in the water, swimming became my favorite activity. It is well worth a community pool membership if you don’t have regular access to a pool. But 20 minutes of swimming help to get my heart rate up and relieve the pressure from my achy joints. Butterfly stroke not needed. Just a simple breaststroke or freestyle will the trick.
  • Squats: If I could tell you the number of times that I squatted during my 27 hours of labor, it would put your local crossfit junkie to shame. Adding a regular routine of squats 4-7 days/week will make your life and labor much easier. Try 3 or 4 sets of 15 sumo or plie squats to strengthen your quads, hams, glutes, and hip flexors. Remember! Stick the booty out and get your knees over ankles
  • Arm Curls: Even if everything else hurts, try grabbing 2 soup cans to do some bicep curls. Upper body strength is important too… You are about to start carrying around a permanent bowling ball.
  • Walking: Grab the dog’s leash and hit the pavement the old fashion way. Not only will walking help with your endurance, but a nice long walk may even help that late baby show up!
  • Plank: While you don’t want to crunch your baby, working your core, shoulders, and arms in a plank position is great! Try a full plank, keeping your back, butt, and legs all in a straight line. If that is too much, then drop to your knees. Shoot for 30 seconds and work your way up to a minute.

Note: When starting any exercise program be sure to consult your doctor before for advisement and to ensure proper considerations.

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