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Have y’all seen the new Town Series from Calico Critters?  OMG! It is gorgeous!  We are huge fans of the Red Roof Series. My mother-in-law and I both enjoy buying items and sets from Calico Critters for my daughter, Kate, just as much as my daughter loves to play with them.  Our local toy store has various toys available for customers to play with, one of which is Calico Critters.  My daughter first encountered Calico Critters at this toy store and the toy store’s marketing scheme worked! We became repeat customers to their store and to Calico Critters.  At that time Kate loved the pandas at the zoo, so her first family set of choice was the Wilder Family.



This lead to a love of all the little babies and their teeny adorable bottles and pacifiers, so the Sandy Cat Twins came home with us.

Sandy Cat Critters

Then the Critters needed a home, so her grandmother bought her the Tree House.

Critter Tree House

Over the years our collection has grown and my daughter has never lost interest.  Calico Critters truly is a unique toy in that it can capture and maintain a child’s attention and creativity not just for weeks, but months and years.  We love all the details that make Calico Critters unique and appealing to all ages.

Now Calico Critters has outdone themselves!  The new Town series is phenomenal!  The Town Series features connectable environments and playsets with elegant style and superior quality. Look at this! So glamorous!

Town Critters

The Town Story begins with Stella Hopscotch Rabbit. She is a talented dress designer in Town. Critters from the Village visit Stella at her dress-shop and explore Town. Town is where everyone goes to enjoy a day of shopping and fun! Beautiful buildings and sparkling cobblestone paths make this a special place. Take a ride on the tram to shop in all the stylish stores and eat delicious food in the restaurants. There’s always exciting things to see and do! Read more about Stella’s Story here:



We can not wait to visit Town and explore this gorgeous new series from Calico Critters!


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