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Tips for Potty Training Boys

Ladies, let’s be honest. How do we ever get our men to do what we want? We set OUR minds on something that we need accomplished and then we convince our guys it was all THEIR idea. If you employ this ancient feminine strategy (and also follow a few basic tips), potty training your boys doesn’t have to be a headache. I like to consider myself a whizz-wizard, a potty-pro, a bathroom boss, a tinkle top dog…(should I stop?) Okay, okay. Having successfully navigated four boys from Huggies to Hanes,  I’ll share some tips to help your guy proudly declare that he’s ready for the toilet.

Tips for Potty Training Boys Advice on When to Start Potty Training and How to Toilet Train

5 Tips for Potty Training Boys

  1. Like a big boy! Start to have him notice the differences in things that “big guys” do versus the things that “little babies” do. Deeper discussions will soon follow that will boggle their little minds. Their little wheels start turning ”…Dad and me both walk and talk, and climb, and run, and drink from a cup…but I’m pretty sure that Dad’s not walking around the yard in a loaded diaper…”
  2. Get him used to the toilet. He can sit on it, with the lid closed. Have him check to see if the toilet needs flushing and ask him to do you a “big favor” and flush it. He’ll get used to the sound and the idea that things are meant to go down in to the hole to travel to a really cool place where it will get repurposed “bye bye toilet paper, go get all cleaned up!”
  3. When to potty train? Choose your start wisely. My boys had very different personalities, yet they were all pretty ready by 2 1/2. We’d always begin on a weekend, and make the move right to underpants. Why? Because, if your guy pees in to a “pull up,” there’s no real consequence to it. We would spend that first weekend lounging in just underpants, tee shirts, and socks. The less you have to remove at “go time,” the better! Boys usually hate to stop playing to make a pitstop. You know what that means…accidents. It also means, they quickly realize how annoying it is to waste quality Lego time, changing their clothes seventeen times. “Pull ups” are fine for naps and bedtime though. Who wants to change sheets? If they wake up with a full “pull up” you can remind them that “big guys” put their business in the potty. 
  4. Do it like daddy. Ask him if he wants to stand like Daddy, or if he prefers to sit. Again, he has to think this whole potty thing is his idea. If he’s sitting, have him sit as far back as he’s comfortable with and aim in to the toilet. We never used “targets.” But if you think showering a Cheerio with urine is helpful, make it rain!      
  5. Potty training rewards. How do you “reward” the successes? Some parents find that keeping a potty training chart works well. Some parents like to honor the potty triumphs with a piece of candy, stickers or other special treat. We never did. We did dance a Conga line and sing a goofy song “Andy, Pee Pee Potty! Andy, Pee Pee Potty!” Even our older kids would cooperate, for the greater good. 

Potty training your boy doesn’t have to be a headache. As long as you silently convince your little man that it’s time to be a “big guy,” he will take the lead and you’ll be out of Huggies and in Hanes in no time!   

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