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[Tweet “New Mom Looking to Make Friends? Advice on how to meet new moms and break the mommy club code #moms “]Moms Club – How to Meet New Moms by Brook Belden. Face your fears and find your tribe with these tips on making friends with other mothers.

Moms Club Cracking the Code to Meeting New Moms and Making Friends, Advice for New Moms

It’s no secret that looking for mom friends can feel a lot like the new kid in middle school. Moms with good friends seem like the elusive popular crowd and you have no idea how to fit in. But the truth is, majority of all mommas feel the same way you do. Unless your college bestie or sister get pregnant when you do and live down the street, we are all looking for new mom friends.

Moms Club: 5 Ways to Meet New Moms

  1. Go Social: Social media today is the easiest way to make a connection. There are lots of sites out there designed to help you connect. Try or like in my city we have a local Moms Group on Facebook. The key here is to make your connection online but try and set up a playdate offline.
  2. Just Say Yes: I know it. You’re busy. You’re tired. Sometimes social calls are the last thing you really want to do in the moment. But whether it’s an invitation to a friend’s Stella and Dot party or a preschool classmate’s birthday party. Try to say yes, often. You just never know who you will meet.
  3. Make the first move: You know the situation. You’re at the park and you spot a mom that looks slightly less frazzled than you feel. You like the way she is interacting with her children. She’s funny. She’s energetic, but not in the annoying way. She could totally be a wine buddy… or even your mommy soulmate. It’s time to make your move. Strike up a conversation. Complement her. See where it goes. And if it feels like a possible connection, get her number!
  4. Find a workout partner: There is nothing better than accomplishing two things at once in the mom world! If you can burn a few calories, increase your endorphins, AND make a mommy friend, then that is a day well spent! Check your area for local stroller workouts, accountability partners at the gym, or mommy and me classes.
  5. Be the leader: Still not finding what you want? Then start it! There are only groups for SAHM and you are a working mom? Start a moms’ night out. If you like, find she sheds for sale and set up a nice shed in your backyard with cozy decor; this can be a fun place for you and your mom friends to hang out and unwind when you don’t want to step out. No workout groups? Start a neighborhood walk. Not much of a drinker? Then start a crafting club for moms. Don’t be afraid to take the first step to finding mom friends that you will have things in common.

Finding new mom friends is no walk in the park. It can be harder than finding your perfect spouse. But with a little effort and initiative, you can find that great group of momma soulmates.

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