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Our 3Doodler Start Pen is used frequently in our home. Gift tags, napkin rings, hearts to give her friends, and various other creations. I love that she can use templates or her imagination to create her own designs. The low-heat Doodler pen makes it completely safe for her to use independently. Hallelujah! Now I love playing with her, but sometimes momma needs a break!

Recently we tried the Alphadoods Activity Set for our 3Doodler Start pen. This set allows you to create your own customizable characters. You can then use the characters to create your own stop-motion videos! So fun! What a creative way to blend STEM with art and make it truly a STEAM activity!

The Alphadood Set comes with an activity guide, two plastic packs, two Alphadood molds/canvasses, and an accessory mold.

Kate decided to make a ballerina first. Head and hands were created first.

The she doodled a blue leotard on her character. This project definitely requires more finesse than our previous doodles, but offered a “just right” challenge for her. It requires her to stop the doodler pen more to shift the Alphadood character or move the arms, which requires more planning and patience (all good things to practice!)

Next she added pink ballet tights and a fancy pink belt. This was another element of planning: how best to use your plastics! What color to focus on first before switching to another color which may involve removing the plastic in the Doodler pen. Removal of a plastic is easy, but adds another component to the project plan.

And then she used the accessory mold tray to create hair. You can’t see it in the image, but their is a very elegant ballet bun on the back of the Alohadoods head!

And last but not least…a face! The face was hard! Lots of small details! We will keep practicing. Until then, here is her ballerina!

Now she wants to make Super Girl! Stay tuned for a stop-motion video involving the high leaping, fast twirling ballerina and the supremely strong, high flying super girl as they work together to stop crime! ?

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