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As you know, we LOVE Calico Critters, even our cat loves Calico Critters!

Petunia Critters

Kate received a wonderful surprise today: Stella Hopscotch Rabbit from Town!  Calico Critters sent us Stella to preview and enjoy. Kate immediately set up a welcoming party in the Village.

Stella Village

Her dress is stunning! Kate, who loves all things that sparkle, shimmer, and shine, is head over heels in love with her gold purse and shiny dress with a gem.  In addition to the quality and elegant nature of Stella, I love that her outfit is easy to remove and redress with a little Velcro closure; my 6 year old can do it all on her own…whew!

Guess what Kate is asking to receive for her birthday?  Town Critters

You guessed it! More from Town!

Off to play!

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