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6 Simple Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

So the fun and festive holidays are over and now you are stuck in the middle of Winter with nothing but the X’s marked on the calendar to get you through until Spring. What do you do? Although, it is important to make sure that your HVAC system is working and serviced from places like T.E. Spall & Son / hvac services in scranton, so that you are warm throughout the winter months, which will make you feel more comfortable, you can’t just hibernate like a bear or fly south for the Winter. Winter blues are a real thing and the cold, unforgiving weather can create a sense of depression in the air.

Consequently, the first option for a lot of people could be to just go online find the most expensive weed in their city for mood upliftment. However, if you are not a smoker, and that is not an option for you, below are few things that can help beat the winter blues and kick them to the curb until the warmer weather returns and the days get a little bit longer.

6 Simple Ways to Beat the Winter Blues Seasonal Depression Advice for Moms

Try these 6 simple ways to knock out your winter blues.

  1. Get Moving. Okay, this is a no brainer and hopefully one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to move more. I am not talking about becoming a gym rat, but getting yourself active if you aren’t already. Exercise of any kind can increase your body’s natural endorphins and help increase your mood in a positive way.
  2. Get up and Dance. Well at least put on some of your favorite music whether you are hanging around your house or out running errands in your car for the afternoon. Music has shown to help brighten your mood and get your mind on something fun; and can be distracting.
  3. Snack Smarter. When you are feeling the winter blues set in it is all too easy to reach for junk food for that quick fix mood enhancer. Well, it can make you fall flat on your face in more ways than one. Either by a large sugar crash or after a few weeks on indulgence, extra pounds can start creeping on.
  4. Reconnect with old friends. Chances are you are not the only one sitting inside with a case of the blahs. Get on the phone, send a text, or write an email…anything to reconnect with an old friend or family member and either just chat to catch up or make some future plans to get together. Having something fun to look forward to in the near future makes those dreary days go by just a little faster.
  5. Start a new project. I am sure there are a list of “to dos” lying around your house for “one of these days” type moments. Why not start now? Something as simple as trying new recipes that have been stacking up or tackling the messy closet that is probably hiding many hidden gems to either consign for some extra cash or donate to a local shelter.
  6. Speak up. It can be very difficult for some of us to open up and talk to someone about how low we are feeling and even might feel like there is no way the winter blues can happen to you. Well, they can. It’s only a few months, but can seem like forever if you don’t talk to someone, especially a loved one or good friend who may be experiencing the same thing. Many people take supplements or products like cannabis from places like Pure Options Lansing North to help them through the winter blues, as this can be a really difficult time for many people and especially with seasonal affective disorder it can make people feel depressed and alone. So speaking to people you love and having these wellness products could help you through this difficult time.

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