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How to Have More Energy NOW! Being a momma can wear you down, the daily stress of raising kids will wipe you out if you’re not careful. Follow these feel better tips to find more energy and power through the day.

How to Have More Energy and Stop Always Tired Feeling Advice for Exhausted Moms

Lack of sleep. Caffeine Now. Debuzz. Repeat

Does this routine sound familiar? More and more moms/women/humans are turning to caffeine and coffee for a morning pick me up after a poor night’s sleep. Then as a slave to the grande-triple-skim-no whip- one pump-extra foam latte, unwind with a glass of wine. This might not sound so terrible until you find yourself saying, “Why am I always so tired?” With little energy to be present for you kids, your partner, your job, your workout, you know– Something has to give!

Break the cycle with these tips! How to Have More Energy

  1. Get Your ZZZs: It’s so important to make sleep a priority in your life. Without sleep, your brain shuts down. While it’s not always possible to get all of the sleep you need, it is possible to try. Resting can be just as beneficial as deep sleep. Give yourself a bedtime and stick to it.
  2. Breathe. Relax: Stress is a killer and can seriously eat away at your mental storage. Find some tools that are beneficial for decreasing the stress in your life. Maybe it’s time to take up yoga. Find a good book and turn the TV off. Use this as a great excuse to get that mani/pedi you so desperately need. Or just sit quietly and breathe.
  3. Move: Exercise is a wonderful way to increase your endurance and keep you energized throughout the day. I personally love to get it out of the way in the morning. That sense of productivity is empowering and energizing in itself. But carve out some time to get a quick jog in.
  4. Get your Vitamins: Nutrition. Nutrition. Nutrition. Once I found a nutrition plan that worked for me, energy was no longer a [major] issue. It’s so important to keep your body properly fueled. No one can deny the difference in how they feel after a big burger vs a low sugar/ high protein smoothie.
  5. Limit Caffeine: A serving, maybe two max, might be ok but make sure you are not the pot of coffee gal. I can’t tell you the number of people that I have encountered that will even tell me caffeine doesn’t affect them… I assure you, it does. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t need the full pot. Limit your caffeine and watch how your energy levels begin to sustain themselves.

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For moms, advice on how to increase energy and stop the exhausted mom cycle.

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